The Matcha Shack Story

our ethos

Becky, the founder of matcha shack has always been passionate about learning how to get the best out of life, both physically and mentally.

She’s been fond of drinking green tea since her teens and due to a lack of ‘matcha knowledge’ in the western world, only discovered it 2 years ago.

Completely baffled how she’d only just now found its existence, she took it as her mission to spread the green goodness across parts of the world still unaware.

Eventually it made sense to take her passion and turn it into a business.

A big bug bearer is sourcing quality matcha, lots of websites sell matcha that’s such a poor quality theres no nutritional benefit of drinking it.

Becky saw it as her mission to source the freshest most vibrant matcha in Japan, she found a city called Uji in Kyoto. One of Japans most famous matcha growing areas. It was here that she fell in love with the taste of real matcha and decided to make it easily available to the western world.

And so Matcha Shack was born.

Matcha Shack isn’t just a site that sells matcha tea, oh no. It’s a community of people looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The aim of Matcha Shack is to share tips and experiences so that we can all live a happy and healthy life.

A great lifestyle starts with sourcing & eliminating bad habits. Plant a good habit today with Matcha tea and see what it can do for you.

Read all about matcha tea here and discover it’s many benefits, I bet you’ll be surprised!

It’s been a happy ending ever since.