Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea

To think that a simple drink can provide us with so many health benefits makes it hard to understand why everyone isn’t drinking matcha tea. The truth is that many people (especially) westerners still don’t know it even exists. This is what I plan to change.

You can learn all about matcha here but in this post i’m going to be focusing on the health benefits of match tea.

health benefits of matcha tea

Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea

I’ve tried to include links to studies conducted incase you’d like more information and to back up the amazing health benefits of course!

Rich In Antioxidants

Antioxidants help our bodies fight off free radicals and the damaging effects of UV radiation. The types of antioxidants in matcha (especially catechins)  have powerful anti-ageing properties that protect tissue and promote skin cell regeneration.

Matcha is also rich in EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which helps maintain artery health, reduces inflammation and is the main driver in promoting skin cell regeneration.

Antioxidants are those powerful nutrients and enzymes that protect the body from the negative effects of UV radiation and free radicals.

It also protects skin cells and tissues, thus making you look younger.

Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases

Heart disease is one of the top culprits of death in the world.

However, although the risks are high there are many things we can do to reduce our chances of suffering heart disease.

One way to start is by drinking matcha tea.

The main culprit’s are high cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol which are commonly referred to as ‘heart attackers’

Heart disease can also be a result of high blood sugar levels which matcha can help control when consumed on a regular basis (study)

Studies have shown that by drinking matcha you can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 20%!

The powerful antioxidants in matcha help fight heart disease and because you’re consuming the whole ground leaf you’re getting the full benefits from this magical tea.

Promotes Weight Loss

Matcha tea has been proven to be weight losses best friend.

Have you noticed that most health companies include matcha powder in their weight loss supplements?

Matcha increases the metabolism and revs up fat burning power.

Due to the fact that green tea increases metabolism, on average your body will burn fat at an increased rate.

When paired with exercise, matcha has been show to increase fat burning power even more.

After 16 weeks, high-fat-fed mice that exercised regularly and ingested green tea extract showed an average body mass reduction of 27.1 percent and an average abdominal fat mass reduction of 36.6 percent. – Source

Energy Booster

Matcha has a type of caffeine (theophylline ) that’s completely different to coffee. it regulates energy levels without that nasty crash.

Theophylline also helps to support the normal functions of adrenal glands, maintaining optimum hormone levels.


Matcha helps the body detoxify by cleansing the blood.

The chlorophyll in matcha is what gives it the vivid green colour, it also helps support the cleansing process. It also helps suck up harmful toxins in the body and flush them out, the perfect detox pal!

Mental Focus and Calm all in one

Matcha tea has long been hailed for it’s calming properties. L-theanine, an amino acid found in matcha boosts alpha waves in the brain that encourage relaxation, mental clarity and focus, what a perfect combination!

One study conducted suggests theanine acts like a neurotransmitter, promoting a calming effect which doesn’t cause you to feel drowsy…win win.

If you’re feeling a tad stressed out then reach for the matcha, one study revealed that matcha has anti-stress properties.

For generations buddhist monks have drank matcha tea to help them maintain focus during meditation which in time grew the popularity of this fabulous drink.

Boosts The Immune System

As mentioned above, matcha contains EGCG which is a hero when it comes to fighting bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Research shows that it binds to the nasties in our system helping to flush them out before they can do any damage.

Prone to colds and flu? Matcha is your answer!

Cancer prevention

Cancer is something that affects most of us either directly or indirectly. It’s evil, end of.

Matcha helps prevent certain types of cancer. The ECGC that’s present has chemopreventative properties. 

Studies have found the polyphenols that are present in matcha can help prevent the reproduction of malignant cancerous cells and reduces the risk of developing certain cancers like bowl and bladder cancer.

Culinary Use

matcha health benefits

Matcha isn’t just for drinking, oh no. You can use this antioxidant powerhouse in cooking too! It’s a really popular addition to baking, check out my matcha pancake recipe for yourself.

Matcha smoothies and lattes have become somewhat of a trend in themselves, with many cafes including them in their menus.

So, those are the amazing health benefits of matcha tea, quite a few right?

Why not join the matcha club today and become part of a community of people who live life to the full and feel great on the inside and out?!

There are so many more benefits of matcha tea , I really hope that you learned something from this post and are more aware of matchas properties!

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